Marvel Cinematic Universe: Every 2017 Project Ranked Worst To Best

9. Inhumans: Season 1


After nearly a decade of nothing but successes, the MCU finally had its first outright bomb this year with the first - and likely last - season of Inhumans, which featured the introduction of the Royal Family, a collection of comic book characters that includes Black Bolt, Medusa, and Maximus. After a relatively misguided attempt at launching the show through IMAX with the screening of its first two episodes in September, the rest of the season ran its course on ABC to its lackluster end in November.

For the very, very few things the series did well, like the friendship between Karnak and Gorgon, it managed to do so much worse. Whether it was squandering actors like Anson Mount and Iwan Rheon, showcasing its cringeworthy production value, or wasting an unbelievable amount of time on pointless subplots like Karnak's time with pot farmers or Hope's utterly mind-numbing love story - if that's what you want to call it - with a random human, criticizing the show turned out to be more fun than actually watching it.

Perhaps its biggest sin, though, was how much it shied away from being what it could've been. At every step, it seemed almost ashamed of its own potential. From shaving Medusa almost immediately to sidelining the more comic booky characters like Triton and Lockjaw, the show constantly turned away from embracing its comic book roots and going all out, managing to do more damage to the Royal Family than Maximus himself in making their big debut dead on arrival.


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