Masters Of The Universe Reboot: 5 Key Villains That Should Be Considered

3. Evil-Lyn

She might look smoking hot but she's the most evil woman on the planet of Eternia and an absolute must have villain for the reboot. Evil-Lyn is the only female member of the Evil Warriors and is second in command to Skeletor. Lyn is a black witch who harnesses the powers of the darkness to use against He-Man and his gang of merry manly men. Unfortunately for Lyn most of the time her powers backfire which doesn't bode well for her as she plans to take the reigns of power for herself one day and lord it over all Eternia. In the original He-Man motion picture it was suggested that Evil-Lyn and Skeletor might have been lovers, something that can't be said in the original animated series as it is widely believed Skeletor is gay. There are many similarities between Lyn and Shadow Weaver so if it came down to one or the other then it is Evil-Lyn that MUST be utilised over the She-Ra villain.

2. Hordak

Hordak is a hideous, ghoulish looking muscle man most notably known as the head villain in She-Ra Princess of Power but also as an antagonist of He-Man and a rival of Skeletor. But it wasn't until the 2002 animated series that we actually found out his true origin. It seems that Hordak was the original big bad, the top heel on all of Eternia but was imprisoned in another dimension by King Grayskull. While languishing in the dimension known as Despondos, Hordak meets a man named Keldor who has had his face burned off with acid. Keldor is renamed Skeletor and sent to do the bidding of his new master while searching for a way to return him to his rightful place as evil warlord ruler of Eternia. Hordak would be a great place to start rather than stumping straight for Skeletor. Perhaps over the course of a trilogy we could see the final showdown between the two mega villains with He-Man and co standing tall at the very end.

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