MCU: 10 Big Missed Opportunities

A triumph of a franchise, but not quite perfect.


After over ten years, 23 movies, and an unprecedented worldwide gross of over $22.5 billion so far, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most, if not the most, successful franchises in movie history. From relatively humble beginnings in 2008, the MCU has just got bigger and better over the years.

Never before has a movie franchise housed so many separate, smaller franchises, dozens and dozens of incredible characters, all moving toward one finish line together. The Infinity Saga is unique, and has inspired subsequent shared universes, though none have ever got close to the success of the MCU.

However, the franchise is not perfect. Taking characters and stories from comic books sometimes decades old can be risky, as there is a certain expectation from a wide, die hard fan base. Ever since it was revealed that Thanos was collecting all six infinity stones, it was widely expected that we would see the snap on the big screen. Fans left the cinemas happy in this regard, but there are other situations throughout the franchise that have missed the mark in this way.

On top of this, there are times the MCU have set themselves up for certain moments, but for one reason or another, simply couldn't follow through with it, and some opportunities that presented themselves were taken away before the franchise could capitalise on them. Could any of these moments have made an incredible franchise just a little bit better?


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