MCU: 10 Marvel Movie Characters Who've Changed The Most

They've come a long way, baby.

Captain America
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In any movie series, you'd hope that the characters in focus would develop significantly over time: it's pretty much one of the first rules of effective story-telling after all, and stagnation is the enemy of entertainment. That's why the likelihood of a character suddenly changing dramatically out of nowhere increases the higher the sequel number is and why some beloved characters are now unrecognisable from their debuts.

Given that the MCU has now seen 14 film releases - all of which were defined by blockbuster sized threats and the kind of monumental adversity that sells more popcorn - you'd probably expect that world to be a petri dish for character evolution. It's not like superheroes will be the same as they were pre-origin after saving the world...

But the true genius of the MCU's stories is how well the writers invoke those changes and the balance they manage to cut between preserving the brand of these pillars of fandom and making them feel like authentic, empathetic people. We've watched them bleed, we've watched them love and lose people and we've watched them grow over time.

Inevitably, some of the characters introduced in the first phases are now completely different, and it's interesting to note how far they've come and what specifically caused those changes...

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