MCU: 14 Things You Learn Rewatching Captain America: Civil War

13. The Humour Really Works

Sam Bucky Civil War
Marvel Studios

As Infinity War gets closer to release, there's been talk of the difficulty the film-makers have had balancing humour and the stakes of the film, which is something Thor: Ragnarok managed mostly very well (albeit with too little pathos). The Russos have done it before though, as the humour in Civil War is organic and very funny without ever being distracted.

Little touches like Sam and Bucky's rivalry dynamic is great (particularly as it directly plays with the idea of them both being candidates to "replace" Steve) and Ant-Man invading Iron Man's armour and pretending to be his conscience is glorious. Spider-Man's enthusiasm in the airport scene works really well too and it's surprising how surprising the small comic moments are even when framed in those heavier moments.

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