MCU: 15 Huge New Details Marvel Just Revealed At Comic Con

"Hulk like fire" - you're not wrong there, big guy.

Surtur Thor Ragnarok
Marvel Studios

It positively pours MCU news around this time of the year, thanks to Disney's own D23 convention and San Diego Comic Con landing just a week later. We've been spoiled, Marvel fans, and it's an incredibly exciting time.

Not only did Comic Con deliver a new trailer that we could all watch for Thor: Ragnarok, but there were huge casting announcements for two future films, story hints for Captain Marvel, Black Panther and Ant-Man And The Wasp and even more hints at the shape of Infinity War. Not least in the unveiling of Captain America's delighftul beard.

There was already a raft of information revealed at D23 - mostly concerning Avengers: Infinity War - but Comic Con brought even more revelations mapping out the future of the MCU up to the end of Phase 3. Just don't expect to see anything specifically about Avengers 4, which remains a tightly guarded secret of such magnitude that even whispering its title would apparently ruin all of Infinity War.

In other words, there's nothing of that hugely anticipated film in this round-up, but there's still a lot to whip you up into a froth of delight about what the MCU will look like right up to the last dregs of this Phase...

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