MCU: Every Captain America Appearance Ranked Worst To Best

8. Thor: The Dark World

Marvel Studios

To be fair, including Captain America's appearance in Thor: The Dark World is a bit of a cheat, as it's technically not the character himself. That said, it's on here anyway as Chris Evans' seconds-long cameo is a highlight of the film.

In case you've forgotten the context, the moment comes about halfway through the film, after Thor has freed Loki and while the latter is attempting to come up with a strategy on how to get out of Asgard despite Odin's lockdown. Loki takes on Cap's appearance in poking a little fun at his brother, and the cameo was a welcome surprise back when the film released in 2013.

What's so fun about it is that Chris Evans is imitating Tom Hiddleston imitating Evans himself, the cameo itself exuding the idea that the actor had a blast shooting it, which alone earns it a spot on this list despite the fleeting appearance having no bearing on the real Cap's story,


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