MCU: Every Single Marvel Movie Post-Credits Scene (And What They Mean)

1. Black Panther - The White Wolf

Bucky Black Panther
Marvel Studios

The Scene

The post-credits scene reveals that Bucky is no longer in cryosleep and appears to be fit and well. He meets Shuri in a small village where he's been staying as some local children call him White Wolf, and the scientist leads him away saying he has "much more to learn."

What It Means

It would seem that Bucky is now fully "fixed" thanks to Shuri, who has been deprogramming him (as per Infinity War's prelude comic). In other words, his Winter Soldier nightmare is over and while he's still armless at this point, the Infinity War's trailer shows him kitted out with a new metal appendage, so that must be on the way.

The White Wolf reference probably doesn't mean anything other than a nice little call-back to that characer in the comics. Don't expect it to affect his arc.

Which of these post-credits scenes do you love most? Share your favourites below in the comments thread.

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