MCU: Iron Man's 10 Greatest Moments

He is Iron Man.

Marvel Studios

Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of Tony Stark has made Iron Man one of the most iconic characters not just for Marvel, but in the entire history of cinema. Across 10 movies (or nine plus an Incredible Hulk cameo), Robert Downey Jnr has taken his character on one hell of an arc since he made his debut as a narcissistic, chauvinistic arms dealer.

Ups, downs and wall to wall action, he’s certainly earned his paycheque after giving the MCU hit after hit after hit at the box office.

It hasn’t all been action or jokes either, though there has been a lot of that. His relationships with Pepper, Happy, Captain America and most recently Peter Parker have added a healthy dose of emotion to the MCU and helped provide a substance to all of the mayhem and explosions too.

His career looked to be over at the turn of the century, but after clawing his way back with bit parts here and there, Iron Man gave him his last big shot. He certainly paid Marvel back.

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