MCU Phase 4: 10 Massive Stories Marvel Could Adapt Next

10. Secret Wars

Marvel Secret Wars.jpg

After Thor: Ragnarok gives everyone a taste of hero on hero gladiatorial action, there's no reason why we shouldn't see more of it with an even bigger event in Phase 4 based on the Beyonder-focused story as heroes and villains are teleported to the specially built Battleworld.

There, they're forced to fight, with the victors promised everything they could ever dream of. It was a popular arc for good reason and with Civil War establishing conflict between heroes and Ragnarok offering a specific precedent of that sort of arena (with a megalomaniac villain in charge), now would be a great time to pull the trigger on it.

And it would work across multiple films, too, with stand-alones showing the heroes disappearing and a "detective" figure unravelling the mystery before ending up on Battleworld also.

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