MCU Phase 4: Kevin Feige Is Teasing Big Surprises After Avengers 4

Don't make assumptions...

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Don't you go making assumptions about Marvel's Phase 4 of the MCU. No matter how much it looks like we'll see sequels for most of the established properties and a few new characters, Marvel have repeatedly said there are going to be lots of surprises in there and Kevin Feige has reiterated as much.

He was just asked about Phase 4 in the wake of lots of the assumed Phase 4 starring roster being killed in Infinity War, but with Spider-Man: Far From Home and Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, already announced. And he seemed to hint that there will be some major swerves in what is coming:

“We’re holding off on specifics on all of it for all the same reasons we hold off on everything. For the most part, it’s keep the surprises going. The one thing I’ll say is… the mere fact that those films exist, people shouldn’t take any indication that they can now guess what will happen. Let’s put it that way.”

There are SOME reasonably assumptions to make, but it would be great to see Marvel really throw some curve balls. And if switching to four movies a year means we can have a new debutant character every year, then maybe that's what they should do too?

What do you want to see in Phase 4?

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