MCU Phase 4 Rumours: 12 New Characters Who Could Appear Next

11. Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom Silver Surfer board
Marvel Comics/Jack Kirby

Now that the Fox/Disney deal is happening for certain, it's only a matter of time before we get to see some of the Fantastic Four's wider characters. And given the fact that Marvel will absolutely be in the market for bigger, more recognisable villains to step into Thanos' boots when he's ultimately retired, it makes sense that Doctor Doom will be considered.

He's legitimately one of Marvel's most famous villains of all time and while his screen versions have thusfar left a LOT to be desired, there's more than enough potential in the source character to believe he'll be a whole world better in the MCU.

He's been linked to an appearance in Black Panther 2 among other possibilities and you have to suspect he'll be one of the earliest Fox/Marvel characters to appear.

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