MCU Phase 4: Which Characters Will Return After Avengers: Endgame?

30. Iron Man

Iron Man 3 Ending
Marvel Studios

Status: Dead

The most devastating and emotionally true moment in any MCU movie - hell in most comic book movies, in actual fact - saw Tony Stark hang up his Iron Man armour the only way he ever would. He became the guy to lie down on the wire, giving up his own life to save the universe, which he's been trying to do since way back in The Avengers.

And though it hurt, it was absolutely the right thing for Marvel to do.

Next Up: Nothing

He won't be back. Even with that weird clanging sound effect on the post-credits, Tony Stark is done.

29. Captain America (& Peggy Carter)

Avengers Endgame Captain America
Marvel Studios

Status: Retired (& Dead)

Charged with returning the Stones to their correct place in the timeline, Captain America did what pretty much everyone paying attention realised he ought to as soon as time travel became a thing. He went home.

Sure, he returned an old man (who could make a decent living from Clint Eastwood lookalike work), but Steve chose to live his life over again, enjoying what he missed the first time. Like Tony, his arc ended with the one thing Steve could never get off his mind.

We already know that Peggy has died by this point in the timeline, but Steve did still have a full, happy life, so there's reason to be cheerful.

Next Up: Nothing

The dramatic ageing means we won't see him again, UNLESS Marvel decide to give him another period movie if they struggle enough in future to need that sort of nostalgic boost. Don't bet on it though.

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