MCU: Predicting 10 Fox/Marvel Characters Disney Will Use First

Are you ready for a new Wolverine already?

Doctor Doom
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We stand on the precipice of a whole new world. Once Avengers: Endgame is done with and the Infinity Saga's end closes the book on the first age of the MCU, we're going to see a raft of changes. Not only will some of the old guard leave, but we'll see a new generation of Avengers step into the vacuum, new leaders, new worlds and new time-periods explored in new storylines (as all promised by Kevin Feige and Bob Iger).

Most significantly of all, of course, Marvel will also welcome back a catalogue of characters previously unavailable to them thanks to Disney's high-profile acquisition of Fox's movie properties and their Marvel interests. We'll see mutants, a fantastic foursome and the return of some of the company's most compelling villains. It's hard to overstate how excited we should be by that, even as people wring their hands over Disney's monopoly.

But which properties and individual characters bought back from Fox are Disney most likely to use first in future movies and why?

10. The Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Terry Dodson
Marvel Comics/Terry Dodson

Regardless of how many poor Fantastic Four movies there have been (four, now), the superhero team remain Marvel's first family and the opportunity to claim them back and prove that they need to be "at home" to work properly will be way too tempting for them to turn down.

The characters have been overlooked and abused for way too long now by studios unsure of how to make them work and even what tone to go for. The reality is that Marvel's MCU tone is exactly the right fit: there's no need for cynical deconstruction or grimness for the sake of it - they're a Golden Age Of Heroes team and they work with that sort of wide-eyed enthusiasm.

Even better, Marvel should be looking at a 1960s time period for the team, not only to get around the need to explain their absence in the MCU so far, but also to channel the same nostalgic spirit that Brad Bird stole from the Fantastic Four so successfully for The Incredibles movies.

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