MCU Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Marvel's Post-Credits Movie Scenes

ALWAYS watch the credits!

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios might not have been the first film-makers to put something after the credits to entice audiences to stay in their seats, but they made it their own. It's now one of their trademarks, as well as becoming a pillar of all comic book movies, teasing what is coming next or giving fans a more stand-alone gag.

They're not all worth sticking around for, of course, but there have been some huge revelations in those stingers and mid-credits scenes and some have been genuine game-changers. We've seen major characters debut there - both heroes and villains - and a fair amount of the Infinity Saga was staged there in the early years.

It's a phenomenon that isn't going to go away any time soon, but how much do you actually remember about all of those scenes? Did you stay in your seats?

Answers at the end!

1. Why Is Nick Fury In Tony Stark's Home In Iron Man?

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