MCU: Thor's Worst Villain Almost Looked Completely Different

Here's what you could have won...

Malekith Thor The Dark World
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It would have been a travesty if Thor: The Dark World had killed the Thor franchise dead before we got a chance to see Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok, but for a while there it looked infinitely possible.

Thanks to a combination of poor direction, a wayward tone and painfully boring villains (or at least execution that made them feel boring), Alan Taylor's sequel was a mess and remains the worst film in the MCU. It took everything great about Kenneth Branagh's original and sucked out the joy and the life, and it's still a bit of a slog to watch.

Somewhere in an alternate universe there's an entirely different version of the film, directed by Patty Jenkins and much more like the Captain America meets Thor vision she ultimately injected into Wonder Woman. Oh God, how we should all wish that had happened...

And now there's also a little glimpse at another alternate strand from the film's history, as Marvel artist Andy Park has celebrated the impending release of Thor: Ragnarok by releasing two alternate concept designs for villain Malekith The Accursed on Instagram.

It's fair to say he did something MUCH more interesting than the space goblin we ended up with...

The design actually looks far more like what Malekith looks like in the comics...

Marvel Comics

Hands up who else would have preferred this kitsch harlequin over the po-faced walking meh we got in the sequel...?

Park also shared a second design, still based on the comic book look, but with a techy slant...

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