Who needs a subscription to Suicide Girls when you have David Fincher providing all our Alt-Girl, Goth fetish needs? A whole new batch of photo's from W mag's exclusive cover shoot of Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo have just gone online and the stills continue to impress. Fincher and Mara have gone all out... and when you glimpse at these photo's you start to get a sense of just how popular this film is going to be. Sony have smartly debuted these pics on a fashion mag and one would think the U.S. version of Salander is going to be something of a trend-setting icon amongst a certain crowd of woman, and a sexual fantasy for emo teenage boys & I have no doubt some adults too. And then there's the gazillion people in the English-speaking world who have devoured the books but won't watch a film with subtitles. Yup, this one will be huge. The movie is set for Dec. 21st.
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