Mother! Review: 5 Ups & 4 Downs

3. It's Not The Movie Many Are Expecting

Mother Javier Bardem

While a movie should be assessed as far removed from its marketing as possible, it's hard to deny that a lot of people are going to leave this movie frustrated that it wasn't the same film they were sold from trailers.

The marketing largely suggested Mother! to be a more straight-forward studio horror film, but with the end result being much more surreal and bizarre, it's safe to say that casual viewers will end up disappointed, if they even bother staying to the end of the movie.

Granted, anyone who knows the name Darren Aronofsky will have a decent idea of what to expect, but with the marketing and Jennifer Lawrence's presence promising a more mainstream venture, it's going to catch a ton of flak from audiences and likely fall off a cliff after its first weekend at the box office.

Different is good, but studios need to be honest with people about what they're selling.


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