New Batman Movie: 10 Villains We'll Never See On Screen

hush batman With Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy now officially closed, many fans have already begun theorizing who the Caped Crusader will face in the next film series. While it may be a few years before we see a new film documenting Batman's exploits, it's never too early to cross your fingers in hopes of your favorite villain being given the chance to grace the silver screen. With that said, I believe that there are a few members of Batman's rogue's gallery that will never be part of a blockbuster hit. This may be because of their lack of public recognition, the director's fear of tackling that character, their odd background/origin, or perhaps because they're simply not meant for the realm of film. For every subsequent Batman film that incorporates the Joker, Riddler, Two-Face, or Catwoman, we will definitely (maybe) never see...

10. The Ventriloquist

A meek, quiet member of Gotham's mafia, Arnold Wesker suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which causes him to handle all of his social interactions through Scarface, his Al Capone-like dummy. While Wesker usually remains quiet, Scarface is loud, violent, and sinister, causing verbal and physical abuse not only to his lackeys, but to Wesker as well. It's not entirely clear whether Scarface is a product of Wesker's emotional instability or if there is something more paranormal behind his wooden eyes (especially since Scarface has been passed on to others, including the Joker and another Ventriloquist), but Batman has learned to not underestimate this bizarre duo. Why we shouldn't expect them: The Ventriloquist, while a very interesting villain (especially from a psychological point of view), is one of those bad guys that works better in a comic or cartoon. Casual movie-goers aren't going to buy into this gangster-movie inspired villain, especially if they're wanting a summer-movie spectacle. They aren't going to buy into the psychotic state of Wesker, and most people will probably think that Scarface is just a lame Macguffin named after an overrated Pachino film. At the very most, I could see him as a supporting villain, or even a cameo, but even that is rather unlikely.
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