New Batman Movie: 3 Villains We Want To See And 3 We Don't

url-5 This past summer, we saw the end of an era that started with Chris Nolan's Batman Begins in 2005. With the Dark Knight Rises, Nolan triumphantly (and definitively) ended his run on this great character. While many wishful thinkers out there are insisting that the world he created should live on, realistically (and according to Warner Bros.) the Caped Crusader is facing a reboot within the next several years. While this reboot will be after the upcoming Man of Steel and Justice League releases, let's take a look at some of the villains that we'd like to see Batman face in his next solo franchise - as well as some that hopefully we'll never see again!

The Hopefuls:

1. Hush

url While many of Batman's villains that we know and love come from hellish conditions or parts unknown, Hush is a local boy from privilege. His real name is Thomas Elliott and he was one of Bruce Wayne's childhood friends. When he was a young boy, he attempted to murder his parents, freeing him of their abuse and neglect...and leaving him all of their money. However his plan was foiled when Thomas Wayne saved his mother's life. Thomas and Martha Wayne died shortly after so by default Bruce became the new target for his revenge. Becoming a brilliant neurosurgeon in adulthood, Elliott now uses all of his resources (and other villains) to exact his revenge. Hush would be an intriguing villain for a future Batman film because his ties to Bruce's past as well as the possibility of bringing in an additional villain to work with.
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