New Batman Rumours Claim Two-Face And Mad Hatter Will Appear

What villains do you want to see in Matt Reeves' reboot?

Batman Mad Hatter
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Rumours regarding Matt Reeves' upcoming Batman film have gone into overdrive as of late, with the casting of Robert Pattinson as the title character meaning that the film is entering into a new stage of production. Now that the matter of who will play the Dark Knight has been addressed, however, the topic of who he'll now come up against is now the dominant debate.

Numerous villains have been optioned to appear in the film over the last few weeks, with signs seemingly pointing towards an ensemble of sorts. That in itself shouldn't be surprising - Batman has fought against two or more villains in four of his last live solo films - but the amount said to be involved is peculiar, with some estimates putting the figure at more than four.

Geeks World Wide stated earlier this week that Firefly, Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman were locked in for roles in The Batman. Now, a report from Discussing Film claims that none other than Two-Face and Mad Hatter are next in line to appear. The former last appeared in 2008's The Dark Knight portrayed by Aaron Eckhart, but Mad Hatter is yet to grace the big screen despite maintaining a consistent premise in comics, animation and video games over the last few decades.

Two Face 2
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Discussing Film state that these two villains will join the aforementioned four revealed by GWW, and that "they are eyeing to cast a male in their 30-40s for Two-Face and are eyeing to cast a male in their 40-50s for Mad Hatter."

It looks as though Reeves' film will be juggling a lot of characters, but that could be a good thing. Not every last character has to have a key role in the story, and seeing an established version of the Dark Knight - albeit a younger version - fighting his villains would be a great way to reintroduce the character.


Are you happy with the number of villains rumoured to appear in The Batman? Or is just one enough? Let us know in the comments.

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