New Predator Funko Toys Include Major Plot Spoilers

The return of the Hell Hounds...

Predator Spoilers

You've got to love toy releases: every time there's a major release these days that has even the faintest whiff of merchandise possibilities about it, the big toy companies steam in and reveal their tie-ins before the films are released. This much is inevitable, since they need to sell their products, but it's still incredible how many of them manage to include spoilers.

LEGO has a habit of doing it - particularly for MCU movies - and Funko's tie-in lines invariably include some character details that aren't really supposed to be revealed before the film. And it's happened again for the latter company.

Their new Pop Vinyl lines for Shane Black's The Predator have just been revealed and there are two fairly sizeable spoilers in there. First is the confirmation of the return of the Predator Hounds (introduced in 2010's Predators and originally known as Hell Hounds), which the new Assassin Predator will use to hunt prey.

Predator Hounds

The second spoiler reveals that Rory McKenna (played by Jacob Tremblay) will be wearing one of the Predator helmets at one point as well as the gauntlet that's been revealed by the trailers. Now, this could be just a hint at the first act where he discovers the tech, but you wouldn't put it past Shane Black to use McKenna wearing the helmet as part of a climactic set-piece: he does believe in kids in key action set-pieces, after all.

Predator Funkos

It's an interesting revelation either way.

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