New PROMETHEUS Images Are Obscure & Intriguing

See Charlize Theron do her best Ripley impression, Michael Fassbender & Noomi Rapace have freaky Photoshop poses, and then a creepy giant mythic sculptured head…

Matt Holmes


With Hollywood coming to it’s second biggest annual slowdown this Thanksgiving (the other being the Christmas & New Year period), there is one gem of news out there on the webspehere today that has us excited and it’s the reveal of four new promotional images from Ridley Scott’s upcoming sci-fi film Prometheus.

Clouded in mush secrecy and speculation for the past two years, we now understand the movie promises Ridley Scott returning to the Alien franchise he created over three decades ago (for my money, the longest gap between movies in a franchise from any director in motion picture history) and that it is the prequel we first thought it was.

We’re terribly giddy and mega excited about the prospect of Scott working with his Alien themes and ideas again and Damon Lindelof (Lost, Cloverfield) is one of the best writers working in genre fiction today and the cast is just spectacular… but we still don’t know quite what to expect from the film. Over 30 years is a long time for a director and you just need to see George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels and Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to see the changes in approach time-away can bring.

Thanks to the intriguing new images from Entertainment Weekly below, we are starting to get a sense of what the film might feel like;

Image 1 (above) – shows a creepy giant sculptured face in a place tagged “The Ampule Room.”… what could that mean for these characters and the world they are exploring? I didn’t know this personally but an ampule is the small glass vial that is used to preserve the integrity of a sample, usually in liquid form. We’ve heard rumours previously that Prometheus (and think of that title too… which thanks to the caption we now know is the name of the ship in the film, ‘The Prometheus’) is partly about unlocking the secrets of the universe and how we all came into being. Is that giant mythic head hiding something?

Image 2 (right) shows stars Idris Elba (as Captain Janek) and lead Charlize Theron (as Meredith Vickers), doing her best concerned Ripley impression.


Image 3 (ab0ve) – commits the sin of having actors faces Photoshop manipulated to the degree that it looks like someone just cut out faces from a magazine and stuck them on other people’s bodies. We are nearing the year 2012 and with the amount of money studios like Fox put into making these damn movies, you would think they would spend a few more dollars to make the all important early promotional work come across better than this?

Anyway the image shows Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace from the Swedish version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) along with her lover Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) and android (think Ian Holm) David (Michael Fassbender).


Image 4 – is the close-up on that giant head sculpture (I wonder if that becomes the artwork of a teaser poster) with our space men working through some kind of graveyard/religious ground?

Additional info on Prometheus comes from The Playlist who say they spoke to Charlize Theron over the weekend doing promotional work on Young Adult, and she revealed her co-star in that movie Patrick Wilson, who has a role in Prometheus, is “all in flashback” in the film and that they don’t actually share any scenes together.

So there’s the best look we have on Prometheus to date. Columbia have done a great job of keeping the many mysteries of the movie alive with only around half a year until release time. We can probably expect the trailer to hit before the end of the year but again, I hope Columbia play down the big reveals until the movie itself opens next June 1st.

Another interesting ponderance… do we think Columbia will market this as an Alien universe movie or just not mention it at all?