New THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Set Video Has Potentially Huge Spoiler

Video from the latest night shoot on the film could give away iconic moment in Batman lore. Only watch if you are sure you want to know.

Seriously spoiler info belowSeriously spoiler info below Seriously spoiler info belowSeriously spoiler info belowScreen Rant have got their hands on a set video from a recent night shoot of The Dark Knight Rises that seems to confirm something we've suggested simply must be in Chris Nolan's third and final Batman movie if he was to tell the Bane story the right way. If you watch the video below from the 30 second mark, you can see what looks to be Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne arriving in his Lamborghini but then hobbling and struggling his way into some kind of event, walking only with the help of a cane. This most likely suggests that the most iconic image of Bane, that of him shockingly breaking Batman's back and defeating him in the classic early 90's story "Knightfall" is going to make an appearance in the film. Of course we already presumed the first half of this plot point was inevitable anyway as we've already seen a good indication (and hell, lots and lots of photographic evidence) that Bane does stage the prison break that lets out all the villains of Gotham and whilst Batman is so occupied trying to contain the threat, Bane, a criminal mastermind, waits for the right moment to strike and beats an exhausted Batman. This is something most of us expected to see ever since Tom Hardy was cast as Bane and now we seem to have that confirmed..

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