New Warcraft TV Spot Shows Even More Awesome CGI Action

It's so colourful.

If you weren't too impressed with the Warcraft trailer that landed late last year, then this new TV spot is unlikely to do anything to change your mind. But if that first bout of colourful fantasy drama tickled your fancy, then prepare to be tickled further. It really is more of the same here, with the whole 'enemies-become-allies' angle pushed, and lots of Travis Fimmel being a badass. Seeing as he doesn't have any other speed than that, it's none too surprising. The photo-realistic motion capture on display here is a little plagued by the whole Uncanny Valley thing, but I reckon it's only jarring to the sensibilities because we're seeing such brief flashes. Watching a whole two hours of these characters, audiences will have the time to get used to the way they look. There were rumours flying around last year that Universal weren't feeling too confident about the final product, but at the very least they can count on two things; Duncan Jones is unlikely to turn out a truly terrible film considering his solid track record, and they shouldn't underestimate the amount of World of Warcraft players who will hopefully turn up out of blind faith or allegiance. Warcraft is released on 3 June in the UK and 10 June in the US.
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