New Year's Day 2013: WhatCulture's Top 12 Of Everything In 2012

The-Dark-Knight-Rises-600x300 It's almost time to join hands and sing Auld Lang Syne as the clock strikes twelve and 2012 moves into the past, taking the massive success of The Avengers, the Oscar domination of The Artist and the various disappointments of films billed as the biggest that turned out to be so much less than they could and should have been. It was the year of Bane, and of Bilbo, when Batman and Twilight ended and the excellent Hunger Games kicked off, and everyone seemed to go crazy for a trilogy of books about spanking and sex swings. And as the end comes into view, it's time to look back at what made 2012 memorable for good and for bad - the films that shone brightest and those fizzled out, the talents that made the biggest impression and the characters we'll never forget. Throughout December, we've been running through those movers and shakers, celebrating the best and berating the worst of the year and in case you missed any of those articles, which have been among the most successful of a very good year for WhatCulture, we've compiled the best for your consideration again. So, without further ado, here are all of our best end of year lists in one handy run-down...

1. 10 Greatest Nude Scenes Of 2012

2. 10 Most Controversial Movie Moments Of 2012 That Shocked Us All

3. 10 Manliest Movies Of 2012

4. Top 20 Movie Posters Of 2012

5. 10 Surprisingly Awesome Films Of 2012

6. 50 Sexiest Actresses Of 2012

7. 10 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2012

8. 20 Best Bad-Ass Film Quotes Of 2012

9. 10 Best Movie Villains Of 2012

10. 10 Best Blu-Ray Releases Of 2012

11. 10 Sexiest TV Actresses Of 2012

12. 20 Greatest Video Game Heroes Of 2012

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