Nicolas Cage Is FINALLY Getting To Play Superman

It's about bloody time too!

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Warner Bros.

There's a grand history of actors who really wanted to play superheroes (or villains) for comic book movies and ended up not getting their way. Just recently, Tommy Wiseau has made a play for the plum role of The Joker in the new Joker Origin movie and he's not the first.

Previously we've seen Tyrese Gibson campaigning for Green Lantern, Michael Jackson really wanted to be Spider-Man and Sean Young went as far as making herself a Catwoman costume to try and land the part. They all failed, but no actor has come as close to getting their dream comic book movie shot as Nicolas Cage, who has long-harboured dreams of playing Superman.

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Famously, he was cast as Superman for Superman Lives, but the film ended up scrapped late into the planning stages when Warner Bros realised that the script was terrifyingly bad. It's been a point of regret for Cage ever since, but now he's got a chance to rectify it as he's finally been cast as Superman again - this time for Teen Titans GO! To The Movies according to USA Today.

This might not be the same as pulling on the blue suit and cape for a live action movie, but it rights an injustice. And it finally gives him a chance to play a comic book character other than Ghost Rider, which he's had multiple opportunities to do in the past with links to Batman Unchained, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Constantine.

Let's hope he brings his A game to the Man of Steel.

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