Trek Movie have already debunked Latino Review’s March 1st rumor that characters from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION would be involved in J.J. Abrams’ STAR TREK, which opens in just two months time. 

It appears that the rumor began because of sketchy comments that were made at the IDW Comics panel at WonderCon, where talk was centered around the tie-in prequel comics…


“The end of issue 4 is a cliffhanger and is going to continue in the first few minutes of the movie.”
Right after that was said, another writer (or artist) said that part of the movie will take place with the Next Generation crew and to look out for that. Another guy on the panel gave him a quick “uh oh” look and smiled.
After that, someone from the audience asked “So are members of the Next Generation cast in the new Trek movie?” to which the same guy replied, “I really cannot say anything about that.”

You know what hardcore geeks are like, give them the slightest hint of something and they will chase up the wrong alley in pursuit of what they want, instead of what is actually there. 

To reiterate what we have mentioned before, the only tie-in to current TREK continuity is that the movie will begin in a post-STAR TREK: NEMESIS universe where the Romulan Nero (Eric Bana) goes back in time to assassinate James T. Kirk whilst he is in the Academy. 

Modern day Spock (as played by Leonard Nimoy) attempts to stop him. 

Now, I’m positive there will be easter eggs to the TREK universe we all know and love in the film but you seriously think this late in the game we wouldn’t have heard about Patrick Stewart or Brent Spiner shooting cameo’s in the film?

Then again, some of you still think Bill Shatner’s in this thing.

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This article was first posted on March 3, 2009