Olivia Wilde Joins Kurtzman's WELCOME TO THE PEOPLE

Hollywood is patching itself back together after the Christmas/New Year hiatus and film deals are a happening once again! The Hollywood Reporter say Olivia Wilde has joined Welcome to the People, the left-field serious drama from high-paid tentpole screenwriter Alex Kurtzman (Transformers, Star Trek, Cowboys & Aliens), who here makes his directorial debut, based on an original screenplay he has written with frequent collaborator Roberto Orci and newcomer Jody Lambert. He's put together a solid cast here too. Chris Pine follows him over from Star Trek to play a late 20's business man who must deliver $150,000 to his alcoholic sister (Elizabeth Banks) & her troubled 12 year old son - estranged relatives he has only found out he has because of the recent death of his father. From the sounds of things, Pine's character is reluctant both to give out the cash and to broaden his annual Christmas card list, but he does reach out to them anonymously. Newly cast Wilde will play Hannah, Pine's girflriend, when filming on the Dreamworks drama kicks off in L.A. later this month. I enjoy the writings of Kurtzman & Orci outside of Michael Bay (Transformers & The Island scripts aren't worth the ink they were printed with) and he's got three fine actors here to carry his work. In the case of Wilde, she's on the verge of taking over Hollywood. Tron Legacy and The Next Three Days (although she's only briefly in that one) are currently in theatres (well, the latter on Wednesday, but close) and she's got no less than four movies to be released this year (including blockbuster Cowboys & Aliens), and this one could even find itself on our screens in 2011. All that and she's due to return to Fox show House... but one wonders how?
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