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Snubs are an important part of Oscar tradition – everyone loves to have a good moan at what should have might have been. We all remember when ‘Crash’ beat out ‘Brokeback Mountain’ (though that’s just me conforming to popular opinion, I loved ‘Crash’) or when ‘Dances with Wolves’ waltzed its way past ‘Goodfellas’ and we all immediately branded the Academy as a bunch of middle- to ancient-aged blokes with no comprehension of the modern-day movie. That’s something that I appreciate about movies; they’re subjective – what one person loves, another person detests. Some people think ‘A Walk To Remember’ is the greatest movie to have ever been made and that ‘The Dark Knight’ is a childish reimagination of a bloke with some very clear issues. Others maintain that ‘The Godfather’ or ‘Vertigo’ is the best film that has ever been created – of course, they probably haven’t seen either.

So 2013 rears its head and another awards season is about to finish – hopefully with one hell of a gold-tinted bang. The quality of the movies nominated for the Best Picture is decent, perhaps not as good as previous years (a lot better than last) but decent nonetheless. With that being said, we can definitely look forward to some big, juicy snubs – but just what will they be?

Let’s keep in mind that these are basically my predictions – I’ve done my research and have kept up to date with previous awards shows. However, the Oscars have been shocking before and, hopefully, there will be a shock or two on Sunday evening/Monday morning (for my fellow UK-ians). Which of these shocks will disappoint? Which will be demoted to the perhaps overused term ‘snub’? Well, these are my five predictions:

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This article was first posted on February 24, 2013