Oscars 2015: 10 Outrageous Decisions That Are Completely Wrong

Another year, even more wrongness.

To be perfectly frank, the culture of wrongness that seems to greet the Oscars at almost ever turn is almost as compelling as what the Academy actually gets right each year. Given that billions of dollars are spent on hundreds of films every year, the task of choosing what deserves to be the best is a thankless task, which is inevitably made more complex when the issues of importance and legacy are taken into account - and make no mistake that they both are. So maybe there should be some room for the Academy to make mistakes in the nominations: they're a human organisation after all and have proved in the past (The Blind Side, Chicago, Crash...) their fallibility. But then knocking down institutions who have engineered their own loftiness and built a mythology on the idea of their opinions being the only ones that matter is what the internet is all about. It's time to take up symbolic arms once more and march angrily around the room with placards at what the Academy managed to mess up about ranking the best of the film world in 2014. And the best mistake of all? "Dick poop." Good luck avoiding that being mentioned everywhere for the next month.

Executive Editor
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