OWF continually feels like it's stuck in AUGUST!

Trailer for the Sundance drama which gets a theatrical release in July and stars Josh Hartnett.

Sometimes I feel like Josh Hartnett in August, a movie which played at this year's Sundance Film Festival and managed to secure a small theatrical release in the U.S. this July (yeah I know - August would have been better) from First Look Studio's. What I mean is trying to convince people that Obsessed With Film is just that close to hitting it big. To believe in something so much that no matter what the figures say, what people around you say and trying your best to convince your team that the collective effort you are fighting for is worth it when immediate results are slim - is something I can attest to greatly.

I 100% believe in the future of Obsessed With Film so in the end I know I will get my happy ending. Will Hartnett get his in August? I'm not so sure... (in fact I do from the plot, or I think I do)...

Josh Hartnett leads a stellar cast including David Bowie, Naomie Harris, Rip Torn, Robin Tunney, and Adam Scott. Director Austin Chick (XX/XY) presents an insightful look at the financial crash of the dot com era, bringing to life the economic chaos and ambiguity that ensued during this tumultuous time that marked the end of an era.

Not the greatest trailer in the world in truth - a little obvious and not nearly as interesting as it needs to be to entice an audience like a situation thriller should. Some good supporting players with Rip Thorn and David Bowie in this one but then also Naomi Harris - who I can give and take quite honestly.

The movie feels very Indie-esque, it doesn't quite pack a punch and looks a little one-note. I'm not sure Josh Hartnett's character is anything but his usual wooden shelve, sadly.

August opens in July 11th 2008 from director Austin Chick and written by Howard A. Rodman (Saving Grace).




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