Friday The 13th TV Series Gears Up At CW

Jason's coming your home.

12 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

Fox Searchlight Pictures/Universal Pictures

10 Horror Film Remakes You Didn't Know Were In The Works

Don't look now, but have you heard what they're remaking next?!

12 Aug 2015 Joel Harley


Tom Hardy To Kill His Enemies With 100 Bullets For New Line

Mad Max will produce and star in the comic-book adaptation.

12 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

20th Century Fox/Marvel

5 Huge Ramifications Of Fantastic Four Being A Total Disaster

The Fantastic Flop.

12 Aug 2015 Sam Hill


Captain America: Civil War Is Going To Be All This Avengers' Fault

Looks like Scarlet Witch and Cap will be responsible for the ol' Superhero Registration Act.

12 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly


Roger Moore Back As James Bond In Spectre!

Well in this fan trailer anyway.

12 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

If Star Wars Was True Detective...

What happens when Nic Pizzolato and George Lucas merge?

12 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

AV Pictures/Dimension Films/Entertainment Film Distributors

12 Cheesy Action Films More Fun Than Terminator Genisys

Crap sequels are a disease - meet the cure.

11 Aug 2015 Ian Watson

Warner Bros.

Winona Ryder Thinks Beetlejuice 2 Is Still Happening

She talked with Seth Meyers about the long-gestating sequel.

11 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

Warner Bros. Pictures/DC

8 Upcoming Movies That Will Be Nothing Like You're Expecting


11 Aug 2015 Alex Leadbeater

Warner Bros. Pictures/Toho

Godzilla And His Monster Buddies Will Be A Whole Lot Bigger In The Sequel

Screenwriter Max Borenstein says Godzilla 2 will be "bigger" and "better".

11 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

20th Century Fox

Max Landis Just Fixed One Of Fantastic Four's Biggest Problems

The writer published pages from his own un-produced 2011 draft on Twitter.

11 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

Universal Pictures

New Back To The Future Documentary Coming 21st October 2015!

Jason Aron's Back in Time set to be the definitive word on the 80s classic.

11 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly


12 Ridiculously Sexist Movie Scenes That Prove Hollywood Hates Women

Because even starring in a $150 million movie doesn't always equal respect...

11 Aug 2015 Jack Pooley

Warner Bros. Pictures

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Review - Guy Ritchie's Stylish But Unremarkable Spy Thriller

Everything you would expect from a Guy Ritchie studio movie.

11 Aug 2015 Sam Hill

Warner Bros. Pictures

8 Actors Who Seriously Regret Turning Down Iconic Movie Roles

Josh Hartnett... you total dumbass.

11 Aug 2015 Sam Hill

Dwayne Johnson And Zac Efron Hit The Sand For Baywatch

The in-demand bros are set to become this generation's Hasselhoff and Anderson.

11 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

Warner bros

Steven Spielberg Trying To Bring Gene Wilder Out Of Retirement

And you wrongly assumed he was dead.

11 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly


Leonardo DiCaprio Will Be The Devil In The White City For Martin Scorsese

Hollywood's most creative actor/director pairing are at it again.

11 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly


Is This What Spider-Man's Outfit Looks Like In Captain America: Civil War?

Leaked image appears to show the web-crawler in action.

11 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly