20th Century Fox

X-Men: Apocalypse - 8 Major New Story Details Revealed

Major new details on the heroes and villains of X-Men: Apocalypse have been revealed!

21 Jan 2016 Josh Wilding

Weinstein Company

The Hateful Eight: 8 Reasons It's Quentin Tarantino's Worst Film

*Except for Death Proof (which doesn't really count).

21 Jan 2016 Taylor Burns

Warner Bros. Pictures

10 Ridiculous Ways Actors Got Into Character For Oscar Nominated Roles

You know: when you really, really love what you do for a living...

21 Jan 2016 Sam Hill


12 Best Internet Reactions To The Star Wars Episode VIII Delay

If only I had a penny for every comment that quoted Obi-Wan's line about Alderaan's destruction...

21 Jan 2016 Dan Woburn

Warner Bros. Pictures/WhatCulture

Suicide Squad Trailer: The Breakdown [VIDEO]

Wait, Will Smith's the lead?

21 Jan 2016 Alex Leadbeater

Marvel Studios

Has One Of The Villains From Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Been Revealed?

The rumour goes that this character will at least make some sort of appearance.

21 Jan 2016 Dan Woburn

20th Century Fox

Home Alone 1 And 2: 20 Easter Eggs, References & In-Jokes

Bet you didn't know Elvis made a cameo.

21 Jan 2016 Padraig Cotter

Warner Bros. Pictures

6 Ways Suicide Squad Trailer Fixes Batman V Superman's Mistakes

Mamma Mia indeed!

21 Jan 2016 Dan Woburn

Marvel Comics

Talks Underway To Hopefully Have Cable In Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds drops tantalising hints at a fan screening.

21 Jan 2016 Dan Woburn

Paramount Pictures / Skydance Productions

That Terminator Genisys Sequel Has (Finally) Been Cancelled

The movie was casually removed from Paramount's upcoming slate.

21 Jan 2016 Dan Woburn


Star Wars Episode VIII Pushed Back To Christmas 2017

Don't act so surprised.

21 Jan 2016 Dan Woburn


Star Wars: 13 Biggest Rumours You Need To Know (Jan 21st)

It's (probably) true. Some of it.

21 Jan 2016 James Hunt

Columbia Pictures

10 Actors Who Refused To Make Sacrifices For Movie Roles

How to miss out on a massive payday because of your hubris.

21 Jan 2016 Rob Leane

Warner Bros.

8 Ways New Suicide Squad Trailer Made You Change Your Mind

Talk about a tonal shift!

20 Jan 2016 Sam Hill

Universal Pictures

The Search For A Jurassic World 2 Director Is Now Underway - Who Is The Frontrunner?

Rumours suggest it's someone chummy with producer Frank Marshall.

20 Jan 2016 Dan Woburn

Warner Bros.

Dawn Of The Justice League: Everything You Need To Know

First look at Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg concept art and more!

20 Jan 2016 Dan Woburn

Warner Brothers

Snape's 16 Greatest Moments In The Harry Potter Series

After all this time? Always.

20 Jan 2016 Sara Weir

Warner Bros.

Justice League Movie - 6 Pieces Of Incredible DC Concept Art You Have To See

Warner Bros. has finally unleashed the Justice League, and the results are amazing.

20 Jan 2016 Josh Wilding

Suicide Squad Trailer Breakdown: 45 Things You Need To See

Worst. Heroes. Ever.

20 Jan 2016 Simon Gallagher


8 Ridiculous Film Theories That Completely Miss The Point

Do these people even know what the film is actually about?

20 Jan 2016 Brian Wilson