Tom Cruise Iron Man

20 Fails That Nearly Killed The Marvel Film Universe

Would The Avengers have happened if Tom Cruise was cast as Iron Man?

4 Aug 2014 Jack Pooley

Santa Fe Productions

10 Awesome Slasher Films You've Probably Never Seen

Neglected horror films you must see immediately.

4 Aug 2014 Hannah Spencer


10 Movie And TV Spoilers We Didn’t Know Last Week (August 4th)

Tyrion Lannister might not live to see Game of Thrones Season 6...

4 Aug 2014 Sam Heard


20 Actors Who Were Almost Cast As The Guardians Of The Galaxy

Marvel's hit could have turned out very, very different.

4 Aug 2014 Alex Leadbeater

Se7en Brad Pitt

10 Famous Movie Endings That Had Radical Last Minute Changes

Filmmaking is not an art, it's a crapshoot.

4 Aug 2014 Tom Baker

Marvel Studios

Batista Praised For His Role In Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie

Critical and commercial success for The Animal.

4 Aug 2014 Grahame Herbert

Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli Shutting Down?

Rumours of their death have been...slightly exaggerated.

4 Aug 2014 Tom Baker


Ghostbusters 3 To Star All Female-Cast

Bridesmaids director courted for decades-later sequel that would see the Ghostbusters change gender!

4 Aug 2014 Tom Baker

Marvel Comics

10 Most Interesting Marvel Villains (We Haven't Seen Onscreen Yet)

There's a Rogue's Gallery of Rogue's Galleries out there just waiting to be unleashed on the MCU.

3 Aug 2014 Mark Allen

Warner Bros.

10 Worst Directing Decisions In Comic Book Movies

Those facepalm-inducing moments that someone really should have gotten the sack for.

3 Aug 2014 Mark Allen

7 Actors That Hollywood Can't Decide Their Ethnicity

"Okay, so I've played an Iraqi, a Latino and a Mexican. What's next?"

2 Aug 2014 Mark Allen

Warner Bros.

12 Least Successful Recastings Of Iconic Film Characters

Face it Val, your Batman kind of sucks.

1 Aug 2014 Daniel Mumby

Galaxy Quest

10 Movies That Did Star Trek Better Than Star Trek‏

The final frontier...doesn't lie with Kirk.

1 Aug 2014 Tom Baker

Benicio Del Toro The Wolfman

Benicio Del Toro: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

Look beyond The Collector's eccentricities, the mincing and the hairpiece...

1 Aug 2014 Tom Baker

The Amazing Spiderman 2

10 Amazing Spider-Man 2 Script Changes That Drastically Changed The Film

The original script for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was actually... kind of good?!

1 Aug 2014 James Garcia


8 Big Movies That Nearly Went Direct-To-Video

Who thought these films deserved bargain bin purgatory?

1 Aug 2014 Alex Leadbeater

11 Dumb Decisions In The Dark Knight Trilogy [VIDEO]

The greatest dumbest superhero trilogy of all time.

1 Aug 2014 Peter Willis

Marvel Studios

Guardians Of The Galaxy - What Did You Think?

Did Marvel's space-based gamble pay off for you?

1 Aug 2014 Tom Baker