6 Attempts To Deconstruct The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

She's not your miracle and she doesn't 'complete you'.

27 Aug 2015 Jack Gann

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20 Things You Didn't Know About Your Favourite Horror Movies

The more you know...

27 Aug 2015 Jesse Gumbarge

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20 Most Controversial Film Endings Since 2000

Sometimes it's impossible to please everyone.

27 Aug 2015 Andrew Dilks

Fox, Lionsgate & Universal

Ranking August 2015's Movies From Worst To Best

From two disastrous reboots to Meryl Streep's failed Oscar bid and one awesome music biopic...

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10 Films With Amazing Casts That Should Have Been SO MUCH Better

Turns out a great cast does not a great movie make...

27 Aug 2015 Adam Thompson

Focus Features

David Cronenberg: All 21 Films Ranked From Worst To Best

"I've often thought there should be beauty contests for the insides of bodies."

26 Aug 2015 Michael Waugh

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11 Movies That Secretly Turn Women On

Who needs porn when you've got psychotic serial killers?

26 Aug 2015 Sara Weir

Warner Bros.

Man Of Steel 2 On "Permanent Hold"

Superman sequel isn't a priority at Warner Bros.

26 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

Warner Bros.

Blade Reboot To Focus On A Female Lead?

It could feature the vampire hunter's daughter.

26 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly


Wes Ball Tapped To Direct Fall Of Gods

Maze Runner film-maker moving from YA fiction to Norse mythology.

26 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly


Toy Story 4: Everything We Know So Far

Just what every child wants - a love story.

26 Aug 2015 James Hunt

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The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies Extended Edition Will Be Rated-R

Naughty Hobbits.

26 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

Universal & Mercedes

11 Dumbest Things In The Worst Summer Movie Season Ever

Rampant product placement, the not-so-Fantastic Four and high heels. Oh my!

26 Aug 2015 Jack Pooley

20th Century Fox

The Martian - New Stills Drop For The Sci-Fi Adaptation

Matt Damon looks very lost in space.

26 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

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The Dark Knight - Watch A Video Essay That Exposes The Film's Secrets

You'll never watch the 2008 blockbuster the same way again.

25 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

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Captain America: Civil War - Another Superhero Face-Off Is Confirmed

These battles keep getting juicier!

25 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly


Star Wars: The Force Awakens - JJ Abrams Confirms Kylo Ren Is Not A Sith

And teases the Nazi inspiration for the villainous First Order.

25 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly


X-Men's Gambit Spin-Off Movie: Everything You Need To Know

Fox's latest superhero foray arrives next October.

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8 Upcoming Dwayne Johnson Movies You Need To Know About

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

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7 Pieces Of Evidence That May Confirm The Joker Used To Be Robin

That's right, it sounds like they're really doing this!

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