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10 'Hilarious' Movie Moments That Would Get Banned Now

You'll laugh, you'll cry. Mainly you'll cry...

5 Feb 2016 Steve Palace


8 Ridiculous Origins To The Names Of Iconic Movie Characters

No, Darth Vader doesn't mean "Dark Father".

4 Feb 2016 Alex Leadbeater

Universal Pictures

10 Movie Remakes That Ripped Off Audiences

Worse than Point Break.

4 Feb 2016 Ian Watson

20th Century Fox

Apocalypse Looks Massive In Pictures Of New X-Men Standee

It's just a shame the students are still decked in black leather.

4 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn


20 Best Easter Eggs In 2015 Movies

How many did you spot?

4 Feb 2016 Simon Gallagher


The Entire Plot Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Was Leaked Back In May

J.J. didn't do as good a job of hiding spoilers as you think.

4 Feb 2016 Alex Leadbeater

Warner Bros.

Get Your Clearest Look At Wonder Woman With This Shameless Tie-In Merch

Batman V Superman hype is really gearing up.

4 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn


8 Great Characters Marvel Movies Have Completely Screwed Up

If Phase 3 screws up this many characters, DC may be our only hope.

4 Feb 2016 Josh Wilding


Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 - 11 Things We Want To See

Are we about to get our first look at Tom Holland's Spider-Man?

4 Feb 2016 Padraig Cotter


10 Ways Star Wars Episode 8 Will Probably Rip Off Empire Strikes Back

Could Rey carry Luke on her back, Yoda-style?

3 Feb 2016 Rob Leane

Saban Entertainment

Will The Power Rangers Movie Be A Comedy?

The mighty movie's morphin into shape.

3 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn


9 Bizarre Minor Movie Cameos Made By Massive Actors

Jack Sparrow getting it down with Dame Judi?!

3 Feb 2016 Alex Leadbeater


8 Reasons Why X-Men Origins: Wolverine Is Underrated

Sure, they're needles in a haystack of mediocrity, but they're there.

3 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn


Jurassic Park: Every Series Character Ranked Worst To Best

From Alan Grant to Zara the world's unluckiest assistant, the gang's all here.

3 Feb 2016 Geoff Cox

Sony Pictures

New Ghostbusters Pics Are Here

Check out the ladies and Chris Hemsworth in receptionist mode.

3 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn

Terracotta Media

12 Erotic Horror Films You Need To Watch

You'll be scared stiff.

3 Feb 2016 Ian Watson

Magnolia Pictures

10 Rubbish Movies Directed By Great Actors

And yes, Tim Allen IS great...

3 Feb 2016 Rob Leane


Ranking February 2015's Movies From Least Exciting To Most

Pride, Prejudice, Blue Steel and Deadpool...

2 Feb 2016 Simon Gallagher

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10 Problems With The Modern Movie Industry Nobody Ever Admits

Forget #OscarsSoWhite, this is what we should talk about.

2 Feb 2016 Alex Leadbeater

DC Entertainment

All Those Rumours About Who Scoot McNairy Was Playing In Batman V Superman Were Wrong

Latest reports suggest something totally different.

2 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn