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10 Unbelievable Last Minute Movie Casting Changes

Movie history could have been very different.

3 Feb 2015 Audrey Fox

Andres Kudacki/AP

10 Dumbest Criticisms Of Star Wars

3 Feb 2015 Brogan Morris

Frozen Fever 3

Frozen Fever: First Images From Frozen Sequel

Frozen Fever will reach US screens on March 13th and UK screens on March 27th.

3 Feb 2015 Brendon Connelly


10 Insanely Dark Joker Moments That'll Never Make It To Film

From killing children to skinning people alive...

3 Feb 2015 Andrew Pollard

Madame Tussauds

Star Wars Comes To Madame Tussauds - See Yoda Be Built From Wax

The exhibit opens in May.

3 Feb 2015 Brendon Connelly


10 Must-See Movies Released In February 2015

Miss these at your peril.

2 Feb 2015 Andrew Dilks

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First Look At Minions Villainess, Sandra Bullock's Scarlet Overkill

Due for release in the US on July 10th and in the UK on June 26th.

2 Feb 2015 Brendon Connelly

John Shearer/AP

Star Trek 3 Villain Is Bryan Cranston (Or Just Someone Like Him?)

3 new female roles also reportedly sought after for the July 8th, 2016 release.

2 Feb 2015 Brendon Connelly

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10 Awesome Moments From 2015's Super Bowl Trailers

2 Feb 2015 Jack Pooley


10 Things You Need To Know About J.J. Abrams' Superman: Flyby

Sadly, you're not being Punk'd...

2 Feb 2015 Tom Baker

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10 Outlandish Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Rumours

Are any of these crazy Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice rumours true?

2 Feb 2015 Josh Wilding


20 Greatest Insults in Film History

When "your mom" jokes just don't cut it.

2 Feb 2015 Audrey Fox

20th Century Fox

X-Men: 10 Biggest Missed Opportunities

One gene short of a mutation.

2 Feb 2015 Michael Gordon

Marvel Studios

Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10 Things That Could Prematurely End It

The potential pitfalls that Feige and co. need to avoid.

2 Feb 2015 Adam Livermore

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Jurassic Park: 10 Deadliest Dinosaurs

Life doesn't always find a way.

2 Feb 2015 Laura Hurley

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Insurgent Super Bowl Trailer: 15 Stunning Shots You Need To See

Is this the best looking of the big game teasers?

2 Feb 2015 Simon Gallagher

20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Groundhog Day

Haven't you read this before?

2 Feb 2015 Simon Gallagher

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Jurassic World Super Bowl Trailer Breakdown: 39 New Things You Need To See

When will they learn?

2 Feb 2015 Simon Gallagher

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All 20 Super Bowl Trailers And Movie-Related Ads Released

The big shots in the big game slots.

2 Feb 2015 Brendon Connelly

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Ted 2 Super Bowl Trailers: 41 Things You Need To See

In which Tom Brady almost gets his sperm jacked.

2 Feb 2015 Simon Gallagher