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10 Upcoming Movies You Didn't Know Were Based On Books

Because great books make for great movies.

6 Mar 2015 Sam Hill

Spielberg Bfg

Martin Freeman And Bill Hader Rumoured For Steven Spielberg's BFG

Production will get underway on March 23rd.

6 Mar 2015 Brendon Connelly

Marvel Studios

Avengers: Age Of Ultron New Trailer - 47 Brand New Images

It really is a vision of beauty.

5 Mar 2015 K.J. Stewart

20th Century Fox

Wolverine 3 Starts Filming In Early 2016

James Mangold's next Wolverine movie will begin shooting "early next year".

5 Mar 2015 Brendon Connelly

Wilderness Of Error

Blumhouse Planning True Crime Movie, A Wilderness Of Error

A full account of the trial of Jeffrey MacDonald.

5 Mar 2015 Brendon Connelly


10 Films That Are Smarter Than You Think

You mean you haven't read the Marxist analysis of A Bug's Life?

5 Mar 2015 Tom Baker

Columbia Pictures

15 Terrible Looking 2015 Movies That Will Shockingly Make A Profit

Because there's still an audience that enjoys watching Kevin James fall over repeatedly...

5 Mar 2015 Jack Pooley

Diablo Cody Barbie

Diablo Cody Writing New Barbie Movie

Juno writer to tackle your sister's favourite toy.

5 Mar 2015 Brendon Connelly

Marvel Studios

Avengers: Age Of Ultron - 9 Important Things Hidden In The New Trailer

"Is that the best you can do?" Oh, Thor, you idiot...

5 Mar 2015 Tom Baker

Dimension Films/WB

10 Horror Films That Ripped Off Scooby Doo

Four teenagers in a van meet a masked villain? Sounds familiar.

5 Mar 2015 Ian Watson

Warner Bros. Pictures

8 Ways Heath Ledger’s Joker Almost Turned Out Completely Different

It was all part of the plan.

5 Mar 2015 Alex Leadbeater

Masters Of The Universe Twitter

Realistic Battle Cat Seems To Be Concept Work For Masters Of The Universe Movie

Why the sepia?

5 Mar 2015 Brendon Connelly

Beauty And The Beast Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens And Luke Evans To Play Beast And Gaston In Live Action Beauty And The Beast

Bill Condon's live-action musical will star Emma Watson as Belle.

5 Mar 2015 Brendon Connelly

AOU Trailer 3 - 14 Things You Missed

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer 3 - 14 Things You Missed

Civil War, a sly nod to Wolverine and the sexiest shot in cinema history...

5 Mar 2015 Sam Driver

Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox/United Artists

10 Movies You Can Never Admit You Haven't Seen

Some films have earned such a great reputation there's really no excuse for having missed them.

5 Mar 2015 Andrew Dilks

20th Century Fox

Oscars 2016: 20 Films That Will Be Major Players

Will this be the year Leo finally wins?

5 Mar 2015 Brogan Morris


X-Men: 15 Deleted Scenes Every Fan Needs To See

X-cellent X-cerpts X-cised from all 7 X-movies!

5 Mar 2015 Mike Morgan

Martin Scorsese Michael Jackson1

10 Music Videos That Were Actually Made By Famous Directors

Films aren't the only thing that need to be directed...

5 Mar 2015 Brian Wilson

Sony Pictures

10 Things Marvel Wants You To Forget About Daredevil

Ben Affleck is hard to forget. Or to forgive.

5 Mar 2015 Tom Baker

Focus Features

10 Actors Who Suffered Career Meltdowns After Winning Oscars

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

5 Mar 2015 Sam Hill