20th century Fox

Alien 5 Might Be Delayed To Make Way For Prometheus 2

Ripley's going to have to wait for her big screen return.

19 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

Columbia Pictures

11 Meta Films Starring Actors Playing Extreme Versions Of Themselves

Who says biopics need to be truthful?

19 Aug 2015 Michael Waugh

Wild Bunch

8 Sexually Explicit Movies You Can Watch On Netflix

Who would have thought Netflix pushed the boundaries of sexuality this far?

19 Aug 2015 Andrew Dilks

Warner Bros. Pictures

Why Batman V Superman Is Going To Suck

Let's not get too hyped about Man Of Steel 2.

19 Aug 2015 Alex Leadbeater

Sony Pictures

Zorro Reborn, Again?

Reboot will spin the masked vigilante in a very different direction.

18 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly


8 Huge Captain America: Civil War & Doctor Strange Reveals From D23

"Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth".

18 Aug 2015 Josh Wilding


Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Teases Arkham Asylum

The film's shooting script has a very distinct cover.

18 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

Twentieth Century Fox

One Of Fantastic Four's Missing Action Scenes Revealed

If ever a movie needed some extra set-pieces...

18 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly


Kevin Costner Claims Waterworld Is "Beloved"

Actor jumps to the defense of his infamous flop.

18 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

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Alex Reviews Paper Towns - Nowhere Near As Bad As The Fault In Our Stars

Sappy teen romance evolves into smart coming-of-age tale.

18 Aug 2015 Alex Leadbeater

20th Century Fox

Victor Frankenstein Trailer Turns Horror Classic Into Buddy Comedy

Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy are best buds.

18 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly


We're Going To Get More Spider-Man Than Expected In Captain America: Civil War

Tom Holland has joined the production in Germany.

18 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

RT Features

Mistress America Review - Greta Gerwig Shines In Delightful Life Crisis Indie Comedy

Eminently quotable and surprisingly endearing, this is an excellent contemporary New York story.

18 Aug 2015 Lewis Howse


5 Best Fan Art Images Of Ronda Rousey As Captain Marvel

The MMA champ wants the role and her fans are behind her.

18 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

Paramount Pictures

8 Ways Indiana Jones Almost Turned Out Completely Different

Kung-fu expert, gambler... child molester? Why'd it have to be a child molester?

18 Aug 2015 Sam Hill


Suicide Squad: 6 Major Spoilers Jared Leto May Have Revealed About His Joker

Has Jared Leto really spoiled the ending of Suicide Squad?

18 Aug 2015 Josh Wilding


Alex Reviews Absolutely Anything - The Absolute Worst Thing Monty Python Has Ever Done

And another bad movie for Simon Pegg.

18 Aug 2015 Alex Leadbeater

Warner Bros

9 Problems With Rom-Coms That No One Wants To Admit

Even science agrees that they're bad...

18 Aug 2015 Sara Weir


The Crow Reboot Is Still Happening

Creator James O'Barr has hope for the troubled re-imagining.

18 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly

20th Century Fox

Is Sabretooth Part Of Wolverine 3?

Hugh Jackman teases Victor Creed's return.

18 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly