20th Century Fox

10 Box Office Hits That Everybody Expected To Be Huge Flops

Some of the biggest blockbusters of all time were expected to fail.

11 Jun 2015 Andrew Dilks

Sony Pictures

Spectre: 8 Big Clues Hidden In The New Teaser Trailer

The recent action-packed trailer has opened up some exciting new possibilities for 007.

10 Jun 2015 Jack G King

DC Comics

10 Movie & TV Spoilers You Didn't Know Last Week (10th June)

Catch up on everything you missed in the past week.

10 Jun 2015 Sam Hill


LEGO Jurassic World Toy Review: Raptor Rampage

Official tie-in set is typically excellent.

10 Jun 2015 Simon Gallagher

Sony Pictures

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Walks The Walk In Tense New Trailer

Oceans Eleven meets Man On Wire...

10 Jun 2015 Simon Gallagher

The Asylum

15 Sex Scenes The Actors Totally Regretted

Gobble gobble, indeed.

10 Jun 2015 Jack Pooley


10 Summer Horror Movies You Have To See

Fun, blood and guts in the sun.

10 Jun 2015 Brendan Morrow

Spectrum Films

10 Horror Movie Plots You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Monsturd - half monster, half... well, you can probably guess.

10 Jun 2015 Brendan Morrow

New World Pictures

10 Amazingly Bad Rip Off Films You've Never Seen

"May the great force of the galaxy be with me!"

10 Jun 2015 Ian Watson

31 WTF Moments From The Jurassic Park Franchise

Gymnastics kill Raptors, talking dinosaurs? It went downhill.

10 Jun 2015 Jack Pooley

20th Century Fox

10 Most Insanely Perfectionist Film Directors

Making films isn't easy.

10 Jun 2015 David O'Donoghue

CJ Entertainment

10 Post-Apocalyptic Films That Prove Mankind Is Doomed

T.S. Eliot had it wrong, the world ends with a bang and a whimper.

10 Jun 2015 Jack Lantern

Relativity Media

15 Greatest Horror Films Of The Decade (So Far)

If it's in a word or it's in a look, you can't get rid of the Babadook.

10 Jun 2015 Brendan Morrow

Universal Pictures

Jurassic World: 8 Big Clues Hidden In The TV Spots

Whose side are the Raptors really on?

9 Jun 2015 Brogan Morris

Warner Bros. Pictures

Turns Out Batman V Superman Isn't Actually About The Fight At All

Plot synopsis reveals they'll be SUPER FRIENDS.

9 Jun 2015 Alex Leadbeater


Inside Out Review: 8 Reasons It's Pixar's Best Film Since Up

Yeah, it really is that good.

9 Jun 2015 Alex Leadbeater

2am Films/EM Media

15 Essential Horror Movies Since 2000 You Might've Missed

If you've seen everything on this list then consider yourself a true horror fan.

9 Jun 2015 Andrew Dilks

Warner Bros. Pictures/HBO

Alex Reviews Entourage - A Roll Call Of Cool But Meaningless Cameos

Only for fans of the show (and maybe not even them).

9 Jun 2015 Alex Leadbeater

Empire Pictures

10 Freakiest Mad Scientists In Cinema

They have taken the refuse of your God's failures, and they have triumphed!

9 Jun 2015 Ben Cooke


10 Annoying Tropes Marvel Needs To Abandon To Save Phase 3

Can the regular audience even follow it anymore?

9 Jun 2015 Josh Wilding