Cannes 2015: Mon Roi Review - No Knee-Jerk Romance

Maïwenn shows that, for better or worse, people don't change.

18 May 2015 Alex Leadbeater

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10 Sharpest Intersecting Films Between Vlad The Impaler And Dracula

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10 Most Shocking James Bond Movie Moments

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10 Marvel Comics You Must Read Before Phase 3

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Cannes 2015: Carol Review - The First Knockout Of The Festival

Todd Haynes' period lesbian romance is the best film of Cannes so far.

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New Mutants Movie: 10 X-Men Characters We Want To See

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Avengers: Age Of Ultron - 15 Obscure Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

"You didn't see that coming?"

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Cannes 2015: My Mother Review - More Funny Than Poignant

Come for the dying relative, stay for John Turturro.

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10 Little Known Superheroes That Would Make Marvel Millions

If they can make a movie out of Ant-Man, these should be easy...

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21 Sexploitation Films You Should Die Before You See

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Nicolas Cage's 10 Most Hilariously Awful Movie Hairdos

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10 Delayed Sequels That Really Weren't Worth The Wait

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10 Most Outlandish Avengers: Infinity War Rumours

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Every Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

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10 People Marvel Studios Really P*ssed Off

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10 Classic Movies You Didn't Know Were Slammed By Critics

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10 Brilliantly Stupid TV Guide Descriptions Of Classic Movies

What is the Slovakian translation for Sexy Disco Party Time? Screaming Torture Time of course.

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Cannes 2015: The Sea Of Trees - What Went Wrong? (Video)

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Ant-Man: 10 Potential Post-Credits Scenes

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Cannes 2015: The Sea Of Trees Review - What A Terrible, Terrible Ending

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