Marvel Studios

Captain America: Civil War - 10 Big Implications Of Hulk & Thor's Absence

Two massive holes - one Green Goliath-shaped, one Thunder God-shaped.

18 Nov 2015 K.J. Stewart


12 Actors Who Admitted Doing A Movie Purely For The Money

Hey, we all have to eat.

18 Nov 2015 Padraig Cotter

Marvel Comics

8 Captain America: Civil War Characters Guaranteed To Disappoint

Don't get your hopes up over Spider-Man.

18 Nov 2015 Josh Wilding


11 Movies Where NOBODY Survives To The End

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

18 Nov 2015 Padraig Cotter

Universal Pictures

12 Shocking Movie Deaths You Won't Believe Almost Happened

You may not know it but your favourite scruffy looking nerf herder almost missed out on appearing in The Force Awakens.

18 Nov 2015 Alexander Pan


Marvel Cinematic Universe: Ranking All The Endings From Worst To Best

The MCU is becoming known for overblown third acts, but which film has the best ending?

18 Nov 2015 Mark Grainger

Warner Bros.

7 Movies You Didn't Know Were Really About...

Subtextual symbolism in seven great films.

17 Nov 2015 Taylor Burns


10 Ways The Hunger Games Films Were Almost Completely Different

May the odds of more Effie be ever in our favour.

17 Nov 2015 Brydie Lee Kennedy

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10 Best Celebrity Thunder Buddies

You've got a friend in me

17 Nov 2015 Dan Powell

Warner Bros. / Marvel Comics

8 Actor/Character Combinations To Bring Oscars To The MCU

It's time the MCU got some serious critical recognition. These guys could make that happen.

17 Nov 2015 K.J. Stewart

Paramount Pictures

10 Movies You Totally Didn't Realise Were Racist

Family film? Not quite.

17 Nov 2015 Brydie Lee Kennedy

Constantin Films

9 Movies That Were Scrapped After Being Filmed (And Why)

That 90s Fantastic Four wasn't even meant to be released.

17 Nov 2015 Phil Archbold


Dear Hollywood, Please Don't Remake Memento

Did Sammy Jenkis not teach you anything?

17 Nov 2015 Alex Leadbeater


10 Cult Sci-Fi Alternatives To Star Wars: The Force Awakens You Must Watch

Galactic adventures beyond your wildest dreams.

17 Nov 2015 Ian Watson

20th Century Fox

10 Least Convincing Movie Badasses

More distracting than cool.

16 Nov 2015 Padraig Cotter

The Weinstein Company

8 Actors Who Seriously Injured Themselves For Movies

Not what most people mean when they say Channing Tatum is "hot".

16 Nov 2015 Jen Wakely


8 Actors Who Reprised Their Most Iconic Roles In Music Videos

Matthew McConaughey may have gotten older, but luckily high school girls have stayed the same age...

16 Nov 2015 Jacob Trowbridge


Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 10 Ultimate Fan Demands That Will Never Happen

It can't all be fan-service.

16 Nov 2015 James Hunt

20th Century Fox

Alien 5 Has Just Been OFFICIALLY Confirmed

And there's even a plot synopsis!

16 Nov 2015 Alex Leadbeater

Warner Bros.

10 Shocking (But Believable) Theories About Suicide Squad

Because the Suicide Squad hunting Batman is an awesome idea.

16 Nov 2015 Sam Hill