First Star Wars Spin-Off Is Rogue One Starring Felicity Jones

Coming December 2016 with Episode VII set for May 2017.

12 Mar 2015 Brendon Connelly


8 Most Ridiculous Stephen King Adaptations Of All Time

The bad, the worse and the one where Lance Henriksen sings The Spice Girls....

12 Mar 2015 Ian Watson

Warner Bros. Pictures/Wikicommons

Batman V Superman: 10 Biggest Things We Still Don't Know

From Lex Luthor's hair style to the status of Commissioner Gordon...

12 Mar 2015 Jack Pooley

New Line Cinema

30 Hilarious Behind The Scenes Shots From Iconic Scary Movies

Way to ruin the magic there, Freddy.

12 Mar 2015 Kevin Stewart

Hotel Trans

Hotel Transylvania 2 - First Trailer

Drac pack is back!

12 Mar 2015 Brendon Connelly

Sony Pictures/Instagram: neillblomkamp

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Get Excited About Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5

Game over, man.

12 Mar 2015 Alex Leadbeater

26 Movies Starring Harry Potter Actors In 2015

It isn't all about the Boy Who Lived...

11 Mar 2015 Sara Weir

Marvel Studios

Avengers: Age Of Ultron - 8 Things You Need To Know About Paul Bettany's Vision

The Avengers character, this isn't an eye exam.

11 Mar 2015 Tom Baker

10 Franchises That Killed Off The Wrong Person

Yeah, losing Emma Stone will really help your series...

11 Mar 2015 Tom Baker

Flickr: Lia Lake

10 Most Cringe-Worthy Vanity Projects In Movie History

Sometimes a rampaging ego can do terrible things to a movie...

11 Mar 2015 Andrew Dilks

10 Improvised Movie Moments That Made The Film Much Better

Who needs screenwriters anyway?

11 Mar 2015 Tom Baker


10 Movies That Were Filmed But Never Finished

The masterpieces that never were.

11 Mar 2015 Anthony Lowery

Alien 4 Sigourney

10 Alien Mistakes Neill Blomkamp Should Totally Erase

Most of Alien 3, basically.

10 Mar 2015 Sam Hill

Warner Bros.

10 Most Intense Comic Book Movie Performances Ever

Sometimes acting like a supervillain is a good thing.

10 Mar 2015 Tom Baker

20 Most Iconic Hero Introductions In Movie History

Now this is how you make an entrance in style.

10 Mar 2015 Andrew Dilks

20th Century Fox

10 Movies That Were Great Until Their Final Scene

You were doing so well...

10 Mar 2015 Brogan Morris

Warner Bros. Pictures/Pixar/Lionsgate

15 Most Overrated Movies Of The Decade (So Far)

Don't believe the hype.

10 Mar 2015 Alex Leadbeater

Marvel Studios

10 Ways That The Marvel Cinematic Universe Has Ruined Cinema

The price of success.

9 Mar 2015 Sam Hill

Warner Bros./The Weinstein Company/Wild Bunch

20 Best French Films Of The Last Decade

Which better? Blue, or black and white?

9 Mar 2015 Jack Pooley