10 Important Life Lessons Learned From Every Movie Ever

Because everyone just leaves deadly heavy machinery lying around...

15 May 2015 Ian Watson

15 WTF Moments From Mad Max: Fury Road

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 9 New Cast Members' Best Roles So Far

Never seen a Boyega or von Sydow movie before? We've got you covered.

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George Miller: Ranking His Movies From Worst To Best

It's Miller time.

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10 Best Aussie Road Rage Movies

The fury of Down Under.

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10 Greatest Superhero Movie Themes Of All Time

With great power comes great music.

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15 Planned Horror Film Remakes That Thankfully Never Happened

Some things are better left dead.

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Mad Max: Fury Road Review - Action As Art

Out of competition in Cannes.

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15 Movie Sequels You Had No Idea Were Happening

Seconds out, round two...

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Fantastic Four: 10 Things That Could Save The Reboot

With two underwhelming films already in this franchise, how do Fox reclaim Fantastic?

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Cannes 2015: Tale Of Tales Review - An Eccentric Game Of Thrones

Reclaims the fairytale from Disney.

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Cannes 2015: Standing Tall Review - A Ballsy Opener

Much better than last year's (although that's not hard).

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10 Times Requiem For A Dream Scared The Hell Out Of You

Celebrating fifteen years of WTF.

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10 Mistakes Avengers: Infinity War Cannot Afford To Make

Thou shall not disobey these commandments.

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10 Family-Friendly Movies With Ridiculously High Body Counts

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10 Billie Piper Performances You Have To See

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Welcome To Cannes 2015

The action starts tomorrow.

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Mad Max: Fury Road - 10 Reasons Critics Are Calling It A Masterpiece

Is this the greatest action movie of the 21st century?

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10 Best James Bond Movies Of All Time

The ten best movies featuring 007, misogynistic, Martini-swilling super-spy.

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10 Movies That Were Almost Completely Unrecognisable

They should have gone with the wooden planet.

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