The Red Banded HAPPENING

The movie with the worst title of all time now reveals lots of gore - as well as a new candidate for worst line reading of all time. Lookin' good for you, M. Night!

17 May 2008 Ray DeRousse

Competition: Woody Allen DVD Box Set

Guess Matt's five favourite Woody Allen films and you could win a super DVD box set to celebrate the U.K. release of Cassandra's Dream.

17 May 2008 Matt Holmes

JJ not so keen on CLOVERFIELD sequel

Claims he wants to do "another idea" with the same writer and director of the monster hit.

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes

Behind-the-scenes WANTED featurette

I'm about 70/30 in favour of NOT seeing this movie next month, how about you?

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes

I like a studio that learns from it's mistakes. SPIDEY 4 & 5 back-to-back?

James Vanderbilt has turned in a 2 arc storyline which should cover the next TWO Spider-Man movies.

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes

Joker poster for THE DARK KNIGHT

Warner Bros. continue the blitz of mass marketing for the next Batman tale...

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes

UPDATED: Crazy Red Band trailer for TROPIC THUNDER!

Now online for your viewing pleasure!

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes

Third teaser t.v. spot for THE DARK KNIGHT!

"I need a new suit!"

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes


You liked the first one, eh? Then we'll give you more and more and more of it!!!

16 May 2008 Ray DeRousse

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in SCOTT PILGRIM vs. THE WORLD!

Edgar Wright's finds an all American girl for his first movie on U.S. soil!

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes


"Here we go again"!

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes


A successful doctor leaves his practice, packs up nine kids in a 25 foot camper, and spends the rest of his life surfing. What can be learned from this?

16 May 2008 Ray DeRousse

We are not telling lies, THE FACTTRACKER is picked up!

Upcoming children's book about the arrival of a salesman who turns a fact based world upside down is picked up for The Simpsons Movie director David Silverman.

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes

George Clooney is one of the MEN WHO STARE AT GHOSTS

The story of what happened with a small group of highly placed U.S. officials began believing in the paranormal!

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes

Frank Miller-esque poster for HELLBOY II

Please do not forget about this awesome looking movie, forget some of the crap this summer - you have to see this!

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes

James Cameron has THE DIVE on his mind?

His next and much smaller 3-D project revealed?

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes

OWF continually feels like it's stuck in AUGUST!

Trailer for the Sundance drama which gets a theatrical release in July and stars Josh Hartnett.

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes

MOTHER OF TEARS trailer & dates

Dario Argento's concluding part of his "Three Mothers" trilogy...

16 May 2008 Matt Holmes

Tyrese Gibson to pity the fool?

Transformers actor sounding confident over A-Team role although nothing is signed just yet.

15 May 2008 Matt Holmes

The director of SAW VI is...

Actually the more productive question might be, which member of the crew got the directing buck passed to him this time?

15 May 2008 Matt Holmes