Coogan and Keener to work on Hamlet 2

Comedy centers around a drama teacher who decides to write a sequel to William Shakespeare's Hamlet to save his school play.

7 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

Would anyone else be handling the effects of The Wolfman?

6 time special effects Oscar winner Rick Baker will be creating The Wolfman. Makes sense really, he previously created The American Werewolf in London.

6 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

X-Men: The Prequel?

Wolverine and Magneto are already on the way, but can we expect an X-Men origins film, too?

6 Sep 2007 Will Reynolds

The Best 55 Seconds You’ll Spend All Day!

Star Wars meet The Simpsons!

6 Sep 2007 Will Reynolds

Another attempt at a Viking movie

After the failure of Pathfinder and with Outlander on the horizon, a third viking movie is greenlit. This one is Last Battle Dreamer, starring Ryan Phillipe, Abbie Cornish and Sean Bean.

6 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

John Cusack admits he has been in some stinkers

Actor says he has only starred in ten good movies. Shall we name them and shame which one's were garbage?

6 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

The future of movies? Feature premiers as free newspaper gift!

Brendon Foley's feature movie The Riddle will first be released free with The Mail on Sunday starring Vinnie Jones & a host of British actors.

6 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

Tulia scrapped because Halle Berry got knocked up

John Singleton's movie about the real life tale of an attorney for the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, who intervened to free wrongly convicted citizens based on cop's false testimony's is scrapped.

6 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

Jeff Daniels is a Traitor

Actor signs up for Guy Pearce/Don Cheadle movie which originated from a Steve Martin pitch!

6 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

Rob "Hack" Cohen tells us why he picked Maria Bello

Director says Rachel Weisz made up her mind not to be in any more Mummy movies after the second one in 2001.

6 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

Universal buy Jeff the Immortal & Warners buy Dorks

Jeff the Immortal came about after scribe Chris Bishop watched Highlander and he wondered what it would be like to have immortal power. Or maybe it was after he watched The Mask and Bruce Almighty and decided to copy them!

6 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

Street Fighter is Doomed

Andrezj Bartkowiak, the director of Doom has been given the task of helming Street Fighter.

6 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

I, Cladius is bought for $2 million

70 years since the first and last attempt at bringing the novel to the big screen, the rights of I, Claudius are picked up for $2 million.

6 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

NSFW clip of Monica Bellucci & Clive Owen in Shoot 'Em UP

How can you not want to see this movie after viewing this clip?

6 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

Iron Man trailer coming Sept. 10th

Finally, a full length teaser of Jon Favreau's Iron Man will hit the web on Monday.

6 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

Weitz Brothers' Very Long Playlist

Michael Cera is set to star in Chris and Paul Weitz's adaptation of popular teen book Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist

5 Sep 2007 Will Reynolds

Is a certain feline getting it on with Bats in 2009?

Rumors across the web say the third Batman movie will be a Christmas 2009 release with Catwoman playing a large role in the flick.

5 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

Perelman to direct Jolie in Atlas Shrugged.

Lionsgate moving ahead with adaptation of Ayn Rand's 1,100 page novel.

5 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

8 huge movies are greenlit & financed at Media Rights Capital

They include a kids' movie from Robert Rodriguez, Ricky Gervais' directing debut, Richard Kelly's horror flick The Box, a new drama from the director of Capote and many more!

5 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes

Meet the members of Operation Valkyrie

See an awesome photo of the guys who will attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler, led by an eye patch wearing Tom Cruise.

5 Sep 2007 Matt Holmes