Pandemonium: 10 Actors Who Must Be Cast In Vince McMahon's Biopic

Maybe don't expect to see the Screwjob...

Vince McMahon Pandemonium

It's finally happening: we're getting a look behind the scenes at the life of Vincent K McMahon thanks to Sony Pictures' just-announced biopic Pandemonium. It probably won't be controversial, but it's a worthy story to tell, and we should get some new insight into what made the man and the company what it is.

There are already several key things we can reasonably expect the film to focus on. First, the hand-over of the then-WWF on purchase from his father and their clash of ideologies; then WrestleMania 1 as the real start of the mainstream professional wrestling era and finally the period in 1999 when Mr McMahon was in his prime, becoming WWE Champion and winning the Royal Rumble.

Inevitably, family will have to play a significant part, and the ceremonial transfer of power to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in 1999 would offer the perfect end-point and balance to the opening too. So that definitely should be in there too. Whether they heed that advice or not, that's how it ought to go.

Let's be perfectly honest here too, we could cast the Montreal Screwjob as a major sub-plot, but there's absolutely no way in hell we're getting that from a WWE Studios picture. And there's no way there'll be any mention of Chris Benoit. So it's best to just focus on some of the key elements and figures that we actually will see...

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