Paul McGillion auditions for the role of Scotty in STAR TREK

38 year old Scottish actor from STARGATE ATLANTIS has the backing of the fans and the son of the original Scotty, but is he maybe too old for the part?

Matt Holmes


Paul McGillionThere’s another STAR TREK story today folks. Trek Movie have confirmed that STARGATE ATLANTIS star and actual Scotsman Paul McGillion has auditioned for the role of Scotty in J.J. Abrams’ reboot and that he not only has the fans backing but also Chris Doohan, the son of the legendary James Doohan who played the role originally for four decades says he is perfect for the part.

Despite being 38, and at least six years older than the age they were looking for… McGillion got the chance to audition for the part though he have no idea how it went down with the producers.

Here are Chris Doohan’s comments to the site endorsing him for the role…

I think Paul McGillion is a GREAT choice for the role of Scotty. He has a great accent and I think that he actually looks like my father. He would be a much better Scotty then McAvoy.

Yeah, I’ve never been all that keen on McAvoy as Scotty either. I’ll admit I’ve never seen this guy act but he looks great, and it’s a miracle that he’s Scottish and has already built up a big sci-fi fanbase. What more could you want?

Is his age ultimately going to let him down on this one? Here’s a highlight reel of what he can do. He might be a little camp, but I think this is your man Abrams…

[youtube T7c5S9EbzjU]