Pet Sematary Review: 4 Ups & 4 Downs

The franchise has been resurrected, but sometimes: dead really is better.


Stephen King's Pet Sematary has risen from the dead once more, but just like it's on-screen counterpart, it hasn't come back the same. The old campy movie and chilling source novel have been rehashed without that sense of specialty that made them unique the first time around - instead leaving us with a campfire story we've heard plenty of times before.

For those unfamiliar with the premise, we follow Dr Louis Creed and his wife Rachel as they decide to move from the bustling city of Boston into rural Maine, thinking life will slow down and they can spend more time with their children. But when the countryside escape reveals itself to have a sinister secret hiding in their backyard in the form of a gruesome pet cemetery, they realise the land isn't the fresh start they'd hoped. Tragedy strikes, and the desperate father is lead down a path in the woods that would be best left forgotten.

To be honest though, that description means nothing if you've seen the trailer since all the story is in there anyway. This isn't the next great King adaptation of our time even though it has its merits, and whilst the franchise has been dragged from its resting place, sometimes- dead really is better.


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