Pixar Trailers Collection #9: WALL-E (2008)

My personal favourite Pixar film (and that's a difficult thing to say definitively for someone so absorbed in a brand), Wall-E is for me the zenith of story-telling ability in animation. The script, characterisation and design work converge to perfect effect in one incredibly engaging, charismatic film experience: the universe is hugely immersive, despite the fact that a lot of it is spent only in the company of the lone, slightly unhinged robot, and his cockroach friend and it is as uplifting an experience as Pixar have ever achieved to date. What sets it apart that extra bit is the musical choices used in the film, a trend that the trailer below continued, combining songs not actually included in the film itself, with a wonderful voice-over. Go on. Fall in love with it again. http://youtu.be/alIq_wG9FNk
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