Predicting 15 Comic Book Movies Announced In 2018

Make it happen, Marvel.

Rocket Groot Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
Marvel Studios

There's no bigger business in Hollywood right now than superhero movies. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently crossing $15 billion in worldwide box office receipts, the moviegoing public's hunger for comic book films seemingly knows no bounds. Quality comic book movies, anyway.

With the MCU, the DC Extended Universe, Fox's Marvel Universe and other smaller franchises all keen to expand their enterprises for maximum financial success, countless new superhero movies are announced every single year, and 2018 certainly won't be an exception.

Even with the MCU being in a transitional state of flux as fans wait to see the fallout of Avengers: Infinity War, it's still likely we'll have a few more projects confirmed for future release this year, while DC scrambles to make sense of their messier slate, and the planned Fox-Disney merger could result in a huge shake-up for numerous major properties.

These are the 15 movies most likely to be given the official green-light, perhaps along with a concrete release date, during the remainder of the year. Some are dead certs merely awaiting that formal press release, while others are more speculative projects which could be given surprise unveiling later in 2018. Wait and see...

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