Predicting The Endings To The Fall's Biggest Movies

Luke goes dark.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Luke Skywalker

With the summer well and truly done with, it's time to look forward to the biggest movies due out this fall, from the latest entries into the Marvel, DC and Star Wars universes, to long-awaited sequels to classic movies, fresh new horror films and everything in-between.

Pooling together what's been shown off in trailers so far with a little intuition, we can hazard a guess at how these anticipated movies just might end, from tragic deaths to epic plot twists and even some stunning cameos.

It's a frequent complaint among audiences that movie marketing gives way too much away ahead of time these days, so it'll be interesting to see whether these informed predictions are stunningly on the money or hilariously off the mark.

Hopefully at least a few of these movies will surprise us all by going in a totally different direction, but with Hollywood being as generally predictable as it is, you should probably prepare yourself to witness these devastating, bizarre and shocking moments over the next few months...

13. Odin's Funeral - Thor: Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok Odin Anthony Hopkins
Marvel Studios

The Ending: After sacrificing himself to save Thor from Hela, Odin is given a lavish Asgardian funeral as his sons and friends gather to give him one final farewell.

It's a classic movie trick to bring a character back from death only to actually kill them proper in the next film, and considering how easily Odin's demise would conclude Thor's three-film arc in decidedly Shakespearean, even poignant fashion, it makes a lot of sense.

As long as the funeral scene doesn't end up feeling overly similar to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's closing tribute to Yondu, this could be a visually spectacular and moving moment, giving Anthony Hopkins' towering God a fitting send-off.

That's assuming Asgard isn't destroyed by Ragnarok, of course.


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