Predicting The Rotten Tomatoes Scores For 2017's Biggest Remaining Movies

Star Wars reigns supreme.

Star Wars The Last Jedi

2017 is almost half-way done, but most of the year's biggest and maybe-best films are yet to come. It's still early days in summer blockbuster season, and that's without mentioning the late-year Oscar race and the slew of tentpoles releasing around the Christmas period.

The importance of Rotten Tomatoes scores cannot be understated these days, for though there will always be those critic-proof movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers, for the most part a movie will live or die depending on that single aggregate number.

Not every film can be Certified Fresh, and some of the year's biggest films will inevitably disappoint, but going from trailers and the cast and crew's previous work, it's possible to take a decent stab at how 2017's biggest remaining films may score with the critics...

20. Dunkirk (87%)

Dunkirk movie
Warner Bros.

Predicted Critical Consensus: "Visually stunning, suspenseful and sharply acted, Dunkirk is another superior, well-crafted blockbuster from Christopher Nolan."

Christopher Nolan hasn't had a critically Rotten movie yet, so there's little reason to expect much different here. Expect plenty of praise for the IMAX visuals and ensemble cast, even if there might be some critics who aren't totally bowled over by the PG-13 rating for a war movie.

Will it be enough to earn Nolan his first Best Director Oscar nomination? War films typically skew well with the Academy's older voters, so it's certainly looking good, even if they've not shown him much love to date.


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