Prometheus 2: 8 Fan Theories For What To Expect

8. The Movie Could Feature A Brand New Species Of Alien

Though little is known about the actual storyline that will make up the bulk of the sequel, it's already been hinted at by director Ridley Scott that zero Xenomorphs will feature in Prometheus 2. As far back as 11 months ago, Scott declared that, "with Prometheus 2, what trying to do is reintroduce a fresher form of alien in the third act." Fans have taken this to mean that there will probably be no Xenomorphs in the movie at all, which make sense given that Prometheus 2 will take place on an entirely different planet to the one glimpsed in the first movie - unless that horrific creature at the end of the film snuck on board Shaw's ship (which wouldn't be a first for the series, of course). Scott has often pushed the idea that Prometheus and Alien are two very different beasts despite their connections. The way it looks right now, Prometheus 2's links to the horror franchise could be very tenacious indeed - a notion that could annoy a lot of fans, given that the promise of Alien ties were what probably brought them into theatres in the first place.
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