Prometheus 2: 9 Things Need To Happen

Aren't scientists supposed to be smart?

Have you ever wondered why Prometheus got such a slagging off by fans of the Alien franchise? Ridley Scott may have stated upon the release of Prometheus that the film wasn't supposed to be a direct prequel to Alien like originally intended, but his attempt at placating the inevitable fan fallout did little to subdue the immense disappointment that fans felt upon watching a film that clearly had problems with trying to decide whether it was a prequel or not. It's still the biggest gripe that many have with the film two years on, but that problem has a knack for overshadowing some of the other glaring problems that the film needs to rectify if Ridley Scott ever hopes to produce a superior sequel. First and foremost, if a sequel is to feature more scientists, they need to actually behave like them - not throw all logical thought out the window. The Deacon alien needs to be at least somewhat explained, and for the sake of all that is holy, a general screenplay that establishes the majority of the narrative needs to be finalised before the film actually begins production. These are just some of the issues that feature in this list too. Stick your eyes on this list and see if you agree with all the suggested changes we think a Prometheus sequel needs to make.

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