Quentin Tarantino: Definitive Guide To Homages, Influences And References

The Hateful Eight

9. It's Basically A Spiritual Follow Up To The Thing

Kurt Russell The Thing
Universal Pictures

There are a lot of obvious references to The Thing - and not just the presence of a hairy faced Kurt Russell. Ennio Morricone lent his skills to both films, producing a similarly haunting score for Tarantino. And more generally, there are distinct thematic similarities: the cold setting, the paranoia, the duplicitousness... And more specifically, three songs from The Thing's soundtrack even show up in Hateful Eight's soundtrack (though two didn't make it into the film itself). It was also the only film Tarantino showed to the cast.

8. Channing Tatum's Cameo

Channing Tatum Hateful Eight Exclusive Pictures
The Weinstein Company

In terms of actual human cameos - which the director loves - Tarantino himself turns up as the unseen narrator and of course Channing Tatum appears as the nefarious Jody. Briefly, at least. His casting has been suggested as an homage to Once Upon A Time In The West, which featured Henry Fonda as the primary antagonist, a controversial against-type casting designed to shock the audience.

7. The Pulp Fiction Bonnie Situation

As a hint to something not being quite right, Sweet Dave's favourite chairs is covered with blankets and fur to hide the bloodstain of the unfortunate victim killed in it. That mirrors how Sam Jackson's Jules and Vincent cover up the accidental slaying of Marvin in the back of the car

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